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Safety & Health Compliance EMI / EMF Surveys for Implantable Medical Devices

As an increasing number of individuals have lifesaving and life-enhancing biomedical devices surgically implanted in their body, the need for testing home and workplace safety has also become more commonplace.

Also, the electromagnetic environment that these implantable biomedical devices are exposed to has become more complex and intense with an increasing number of potential sources of interference.

ScanTech has years of experience in researching, surveying and documenting environments in order to determine potential risk factors. In some cases, the real danger can come from unexpected sources, such as a large section of magnetized metal in the workplace or a high powered 2 way radio.

Joel-Anthony Gray Credentials

B.S. Electrical Engineering with Nanoscience Technology Concentration                                    Biomedical Engineering Degree (pending)

A.S. in Electronic Telecommunications                                                                                                 Certified Instrumentation and Radio Technician                                                                               Coursework in Electromagnetics, RF Design, Communication Systems and Signals & Systems.  25 Years Technical Experience      15 + Years in Electromagnetic Surveys

ScanTech Technical Consulting performs Biomedical Implant Testing for Pacemakers, Heart / Cardiac Devices, ICD’s,  Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators and Ambulatory EKG Holter Units made by Medtronics, St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific and Mortara. We also perform RFID / RF / EMI Interference testing and surveys for infant / child anti-abduction security systems such as HUGS (Stanley HealthCare) and MyChild. (McRoberts Security Technologies)

Pacemaker EMI Testing

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Fields Tested for :

DC Magnetic Field: 3 Axis Gaussmeter

AC Magnetic Field in the low ELF frequency ranges such as conventional 60 Hz powerlines

AC Electric Field

RF Fields (AC fields from 1 KHz to 3 GHz)

Pacemaker ICD EMI Issues

Boston Scientific Potential Implant Behaviors from Electromagnetic Interference


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