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Electromagnetic Fields Linked To Pain in UTD Study

A very recent paper came out from my engineering school (The University of Texas at Dallas) that deals with a very controversial subject about whether EMFs can be sensed as tangible pain by certain individuals. An abstract or overview of the paper can be found here:

Study Uncovers How Electromagnetic Fields Amplify Pain in Amputees

The paper that was just published in January of 2016 is available here:

Electromagnetic Fields EMFs Induce Pain in Amputees

When I get some time, I will summarize the paper as it is highly technical and if possible, interview the professor for more details. Keep in mind that this study specifically covered amputees with relatively high levels of RF that you find fairly close to cell towers. (in mW/cm^2 millWatts / centimeters squared) and may not be applicable to what is found in typical residences.