EMF Surveys EMI Testing: Dallas Houston Austin

EMF Surveys EMI Testing: Dallas Houston Austin and the Greater DFW / Texas Region

For health & safety concerns, pacemakers, biomedical equipment, EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) with sensitive electronic equipment, RF radiation and magnetic fields.


EMF EMI Surveys Consulting Dallas Houston Austin

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EMF Surveys Dallas Austin Houston

Houston Powerlines EMF Surveys & EMI Testing

For a FASTER and more accurate QUOTE please provide the following:

1) The type of inspection desired (or narrative as to what the problem / concerns are) and deliverables. (Scope of Work)

2) The physical address of the target property including suite number and ZIP code. (or nearest intersection with compass corner such as “on the NW corner next to Republic Bank” for new builds)

3) Blueprints and / or floor plans of the area(s) to inspect if applicable

4) Approximate or exact square footage of the Regions of Interest and the number of floors / levels for the facility in question.

5) Additional information or forms that may need to be signed to proceed. (Vendor Information Form, W-9, COI, TDI, NDAs, etc.)

6) Contact name & phone number (including the cell number) of the primary contact(s) as well as onsite contact for access / escort through the facility. Also logistics such as how to enter the facility, parking and shift hours / days the facility is open.

7) An email address or addresses to send the quote to.

8) Company name and nature of business (chemical, petroleum, medical, warehouse, manufacturing, etc.)

9) Required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and any additional safety training required for being onsite at the facility.

10) Timeline in which the quote and survey are desired / needed – is this a RUSH JOB?


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