Commercial Portal: EMF Testing – Power Lines EMF – Cell Tower Surveys – RF Inspections

Commercial and industrial safety risk assessment services including:

  • EMF Testing (Electromagnetic Force or Field) 60 Hz AC Powerline Scans
  • Radioactivity (including Radon Gas or from natural stone) and Radioactive Materials Testing
  • Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysis & Power Readings from WiFi, Cellular Towers and RFID
  • Medical Device Compliance Testing (Pacemakers, Implantable Defibrillators, ICD’s etc. – Medtronics, St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific, Mortara) with regard to EMI
  • RF / Microwave / Wireless / Cellphone & Cell Tower Impact and Weak Signal Evaluation
  • Private Consulting for Environmental Health & Safety




4 thoughts on “Commercial Portal: EMF Testing – Power Lines EMF – Cell Tower Surveys – RF Inspections

    1. jagman777 Post author

      Mr. John Keel,

      Yes, I can still do residential EMF survey work in the Austin, TX area when I am visiting friends and / or have a commercial “anchor” job that I am already contracted for.

      – JAG of ScanTech Technical & Environmental Consulting

    1. jagman777 Post author


      I can test for almost any conventional electromagnetic fields that exist in residential [no longer offered] and commercial environments including the AC & DC electric fields / magnetic fields which emanate from powerlines, RF (radio frequency fields) including microwave, cellular and wireless, etc.

      As for cost, that depends on too many factors to give a simple answer because I need to know how far the travel distance is, how large an area, what testing you need, why you need it, current project load, etc. More of this is discussed on my FAQ page located at:

      -JAG of ScanTech Technical Consulting


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